D.Dirt Lilrockobama president of the United Streets of Arkansas is one of the most well known names when mentioning music in Arkansas.

He originally started out as an artist but in efforts to cut corners and save money he was forced to put on other hats such as dj, beat maker, studio engineer, graphic and web designer, event promoter, videographer and more.  These many positions earned him the job title Lil Rock Obama. Prior to his position as president of the United Streets of Arkansas,  D-Dirt had been recording music for over 10 years producing over 20 in house projects including some of his own.  Recently he has been using his creative energy in the studio to come up with some new music being released for 2017-18. He first snuck back into the game and tested the water with a few singles that drew some attention. 


"She a mess" ft Project Pat produced by Dj Stylez,

"So Damn Thod" ft ESG and Marcelles

"Chandeliers" ft Marcelles

"She dont love you" ft Suavio x OG Titus

"501" ft Suavio x E-Dubb produced by Magnolia Elvis and finally

"Flava" ft Arkansas Bo x CocaKazi


These singles definitely let his audience know he was officially back. LilRockObama's plan was to reestablish his name with the artistry side of the music industry.  His plan is to release a series of singles and features leading up to his FOOL WIT ME IF YA COOL WIT ME 2 project. His leading single Flava ft Arkansas Bo and Coca Kazi is expected to seal the deal and be the glue that brings everything together.  



D-Dirt Lil Rock Obama is not only an artist on his label Tho'd Studio Ent but he produces and promotes several artist thru his umbrella company A-Team Inc. A-Team Inc is a marketing/management/production company that is responsible for brands such as Yung2, Petey Weedstraw, King Dolla and r&b singer Marcelles Nash. D-Dirt and A-Team Inc have also played part in branding artist like Magnolia Elvis, Joker B, Cat Daddy and many more name brand artist in Little Rock and Arkansas as well as djs and models. 



LilRockObama is also president of A-Team Djs ( a dj coalition and record pool based in Little Rock, Arkansas with over 30 active djs on the roster. Their goal is to bring awareness to the underground and independent music scene in and around the Arkansas market using an extensive network of djs dedicated to breaking records.


Another system powered by A-Team Inc and A-Team djs together is The Real Underground online radio station and magazine ( LilRockObama is program director of The Real Underground online radio station. This stemmed from him being a dj for several years at 88.3FM as well as a club dj and event promoter.  As far as The Real Underground magazine he is the creative director / founder of magazine. The first issue was released late 2016. The purpose of magazine is to provide an alternate media outlet to coincide with the station.


LilRockObma has manage to build a foundation in the Arkansas music industry to be utilized by himself as well as other artist. He has managed to build a brand and an extensive network that lead to his campaign slogan "Fool wit me if ya cool wit me" which spin off a t-shirt brand and apparel store located inside A-Team Studio (


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